SEVENDAYWONDER is an ageless brand. We take a whole lifetime to understand that our beauty is unique and luminous in every moment of our life. Every woman’s beauty is a SEVEN DAY WONDER – a living miracle.

Seven Days A Week – is also a metaphor for a life. Every moment of our life is WONDERFUL because we experience a different facet of our deep beauty all the time.

SEVENDAYWONDER is a collection of around 60 blouses, shirts and tops, all made in Italy using Italian fabric of the best quality and capturing the creativity and passion of Italian designers.

The collection aims to provide just the right look for all the various uses a contemporary woman with a full and active life needs, seven days a week. With great attention to comfort and wearability, the styles are for informal times and those times when a woman needs something more elegant and sophisticated – but all carry the hall mark of being beautiful and distinctive pieces.

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